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Bianchi Facts

F.I.V. Edoardo Bianchi, commonly known as Bianchi is the world's oldest bicycle manufacturing company in existence, having pioneered the use of equal-sized wheels with pneumatic rubber tires. Bianchi is a performance bicycle company characterized by technology-driven products and Italian design. All frames, graphics, and color combinations are designed and developed at the Bianchi headquarter in Treviglio (Bergamo, Italy).

History of the Bianchi brand

The company was founded in Italy in 1885 and in addition to bicycles it produced motorcycles from 1897 to 1967. The history of the bicycle cannot be told without the orphan boy Bianchi, who at the tender age of 8 years old had to start working in an ironworks. In his small carpentry workshop in Via Nirone 7 in Milan, he started making surgical instruments and electric doorbells before later concentrating entirely on the manufacture and improvement of bicycles at the age of 21.

His first major breakthrough came in 1895 when he received the royal commission to build a bicycle for Queen Margherita of Italy. The second followed in 1939 when Edoardo took over a technical innovation from Italy. Previously, the wheel always had to be disassembled and reversed to change gear, but a new gear shift by Tullio Campagnolo enabled cyclists to suddenly shift gears while riding.

It is still unclear how Bianchi bikes got the trademark color that has long adorned them. Some myths say that it is the color of the Milanese sky or the eye color of Queen Margherita. 

Since May 1997, the company has been part of Cycleurope Group, which is owned by the Swedish company of Grimaldi Industri AB. Bianchi and Ferrari announced in July 2017 a partnership to produce a new range of high-end models. The SF01 was their first collaboration bike. 

Bianchi in cycling races

Bianchi is also one of the most traditional sponsors of cycling. In 1899 Giovanni Tommasello drove to a very first victory on a Bianchi at the classic Grand Prix de la Ville de Paris. Numerous other successes followed, but no rider is more closely associated with the brand than the Campionissimo (champion of champions) Fausto Coppi, who dominated road cycling before and after the Second World War and helped mold the legendary reputation of the celeste-colored bikes. 


Main features and models Bianchi bicycles

Product Features include:


Integrated Vibration Cancelling System Bianchi worked with the Materials Sciences Corporation to develop an innovative material for cycling that successfully absorbs up to 80% of the vibration while cycling. The patented blend of unique carbon fibers and viscoelastic resin was named Countervail. This increases the stiffness and strength of carbon forks and frames, but the space proven material simultaneously reduces muscle fatigue and improves bike control as well.


Unmistakable, high-quality, and versatile purebred Italian road bikes without compromise, gravel bikes for enduring off-road adventures, or steel road bikes and mountain bikes. For vintage-lovers: Bianchi combines tradition and modernity like no other bike brand.

Bianchi allroad bikes

Bianchi's allroad bikes promise you to ride a great variety of terrains. From the daily commute or cyclocross adventure, to long distance tours or forest excursions, all the way to bike packing trips: the Bianchi Orso and the Bianchi Impulso are equipped for all eventualities. The Bianchi Orso, more than the legendary Bianchi Volpe, is not only versatile but also fun to ride thanks to its robust steel frame, greater tyre clearance, many mounting options, carbon fork and hydraulic disc brakes. The Impulso Allroad boasts of a hydroformed aluminium frame which manages the delicate balancing act between speed and pleasure of driving for hours on end on all terrains.

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