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Panther Brand page | EurekaBike Go to all the results from this Brand
Panther Brand page | EurekaBike Go to all the results from this Brand
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The quest to become an electric bicycle manufacturer began in 2017 after several months of thorough research of the eBike market. Panther eBike Founder, Paul Kennard, having spotted a massive market/demand for a more compact unisex evoke, started his production of a range of amazing entirely integrated, and affordable electric bikes for both men and women alike.

Since 2018, there have been massive improvements in designs and battery technology. This advancement has enabled the team at Panther eBike to develop and manufacture an ingenious and fashionable exotic array of affordable and versatile electric bikes – each fitted with state-of-the-art fully integrated Lithium batteries.

Electric bicycles make much sense in today's world where sustainable energy is such a big deal, they add fun, enhance every aspect of your health and deliver an invigorating experience.

Electric Bikes are transforming the way we move, making active travel more accessible and enabling people to live healthy and happier lives.


Panther eBikes combines great style and value for money. Their bikes fall into the exquisite category. Although their bikes are less artistic or flashy, Panther eBikes make up for this with a range of contemporary, smart electric bikes for any adventure.

Each Panther eBike is designed with performance in mind, with a fully integrated battery to give a clean and modern look, while making the bike easy to carry when required. 

Powerful multi-speed motors enable the rider to chose the level of pedal-assist to support him/her on any adventure.



Panther eBikes are designed and built to a high standard with total devotion, passion, and zero compromises. Built with thefamily in mind, their bikes will stand the test of time. 

Whether it’s taking the sweat out of the commute to work, or powering up hills on your weekend adventures, take Panther on every ride

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