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Guerciotti is an Italian company that manufactures cyclocross, road, time trial, track and mountain bikes. Their top racing bikes ""exibit the Italian racing bicycle standard"".

The company was founded in 1964 outside Milan, Italy, by brothers and former cyclocross racers, Paolo and Italo Guerciotti, with advice and assistance from Cino Cinelli.

In 1976, Guerciotti began sponsoring professional road cycling teams, and even supplied bikes to the Fiorella Mocassini team. In the years that followed, teams such as Fiorella Citroen, Magniflex Fam Cucine, Santini Selle Italia, Alfa Lum cycling team, and Dromedario Sidermec all rode Guerciotti bikes

During this period, the Magniflex Fam Cucine team won five stages in the 1979 Giro d'Italia. 



Guerciotti's attention to details and trends is noticeable in the level of innovative solutions and products the brand showcases.

The introduction of some of the following features highlights the importance of customer satisfaction to the brand:

1. Brake-set System: The integration of the brake-set system with the chainstay, increases the aerodynamics of their bikes. 

2. Integrated Fork System: This is a new fork design integrated in the frame in order to reduce the aerodynamic resistance in the frontal position, (where there is higher air impact) while increasing the balance and drivability in hardest race conditions. 



Guerciottti is committed to searching for new solutions in term of design and performance to get a race winning product which is then developed for the end users.

All their products maintains the "no limit carbon engineering" feature which entails the use of the best raw material in the market, innovative production technology, Italian quality and design, in addition to rigorous testing and quality control.

Guerciotti achieves performance by perfectly combining "Comfort, Lightness and Stiffness" to create their top range Carbon Design framesets. The most important features of these high-end framesets are the riding comfort associated with each piece. The goal is to obtain the best ratio between these three elements.

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