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GasGas Facts

The inspiration for the name of the GasGas brand comes from the humble Spanish origins of the off-road motorcycle manufacturer in the mid-1980s. It comes from the incitement:

'Vamos! Gas a fondo... gas gaaas!!!'

which means 'Come on, open the gas, ... gas gaaas!'. This motto has been somewhat shortened to GASGAS. Known all over the world, the simple hand gesture that opens the throttle knob encourages people to take the gas in hand (GET ON THE GAS), push harder and look for their own limit.

Brand values

GasGas offers riders high-performance, dynamic and eye-catching motorcycles, as well as electric off-road bikes.

A combination of the origins of the brand in the trials competitions, heroism, and Spanish character, as well as the added value, know-how, and credentials deriving from their technical platforms.

A brand experience based on four pillars, namely GasGas key values:


GasGas is all about being fun and accessible. Building excellent products and offering the best service, taking advantage of technical experience to ensure that all motorcycles can cope with the hardest terrain. GasGas supports its community, connecting users so that the most experienced ones are able to help the less experienced ones.

GasGas celebrates offroad riding in its simplest, least combed, and most essential forms. We encourage riders of all kinds to join the action, get in the way, have fun, and then come home with a smile printed on their face

GasGas differs from other brands by aiming to:

  • allow more riders to easily dive into the fun of offroad driving,
  • help them live unforgettable experiences,
  • remind them never to take life too seriously.

The essence of riding a motorcycle or an electric bike is pure pleasure and GasGas is here to enjoy every moment in the saddle to the fullest!

History of the GasGas Brand

GasGas was born in the mid-1980s in the wake of the well-known motorcycle brands Bultaco and SWM. The first bikes were trial models, associated with some entry-level trail, enduro, and road models. GasGas has been the protagonist of the trial scene since the late 1980s. The focus on the trial has brought the product range to a position of high technical expertise, particularly in the field of 2-stroke engines.

With 16 FIM Trial World Championship titles since 1993 and four consecutive FIM Trial-E Cup titles, the brand's tradition and experience in the trial are undisputed. Over the years the company has begun to accumulate experience also in the Enduro motorcycle sector.

At the end of 2019 GasGas joined the Pierer Mobility Group, already the owner of KTM Motorcycle (not to be confused with the bicycle manufacturer KTM which is a licensee of the Austrian brand), remaining faithful to its Spanish roots while taking advantage of the group's proven experience, success, and ambitious plans.

The trial bikes at the top of the category continue to be produced in Girona, Spain, while the enduro, cross, and mini-cross model lines are produced in the new state-of-the-art production plant in Austria.

Since the beginning of 2020, GasGas' activities in motorsports worldwide have grown rapidly, starting from the deployment for the first time in MXGP competitions. As a debutant, GasGas managed to get on the podium already in the third round, demonstrating their ability to compete in a completely new discipline.

In 2021 the GasGas eBike project also comes to life, which was born in the wake of the great development of the electric bicycle sector. GasGas electric bikes are represented by a range of 15 models in the debut season on the market and clarify well the intentions of the brand, which presents a truly enviable range of two-wheeled products.

With 2021, GasGas also enters the AMA Supercross championship and continues with commitments in several world championships such as trial, enduro, rally, supercross and motocross.

Finally, an exciting new venture is planned for 2022! A huge leap forward: marked by gasgas' entry into the Moto3 championship™ for the debut among the curbs.

In addition to our world competition program, we have hired a number of interesting brand ambassadors: passionate riders who come out of the traditional motorcycling schemes, ready to push the limits of what is possible riding our bikes and away from the track.


GasGas Mission

GasGas builds its products so that they are appealing and accessible to a wide audience of pilots. In addition to the traditional extreme and professional drivers out there, their mission is to create a line of models that is a source of inspiration for those who simply love to ride.

They want people riding motorcycles and offroad bicycles, going out every weekend with friends to spit sparks in the woods, ride the track or tackle the well-known trails behind their house. All in the name of fun!

We are all united in the middle of the mud, people from different cultures and origins who meet the off-road, all tuned in at the same frequency and ready to exchange advice, tips and encouragement. And when the words are missing? So let's use our universal language of sounds, like 'GAAAAAS!!!', or gestures, like the classic right-hand movement to 'get on the gas'. 

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