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Enervit Group was created in 1976 by Paolo Sorbini an Italian health practitioner and Pharmacist. The goal was to promote nutrition and supplements for sport using a scientifically sound basis. The company specializes in research on foods and supplements and also develops and markets these products to athletes and fitness and wellness enthusiasts. 

Despite the increasing demand for offshore production, Enervit is committed to manufacturing all its products directly at their factory in Zelbio, from where they export to over 20 countries all over the world. This move is aimed at preserving the bond with the local community and aiding the industrial development in Italy.


Enervit Sport, EnerZona, Enervit Protein, and Enervit Gymline Muscle are some of the flagship products from Enervit's product line. 

 • Enervit Sport is a complete line of food supplements made specifically for athletes and aimed at muscle efficiency and recovery during and after exercise.

 • EnerZona, unlike Enervit sport, is specifically designed to achieve mental and physical wellbeing, it was is a diet-like supplement created by Barry Sears. 

 • Enervit Protein is meant for health & diet products. 

 • Enervit Gymline Muscle is the brand dedicated to helping athletes train intensively to develop strong, detailed muscles. Here is a complete range of products suitable for all the specific needs of people who want the best.


Enervit owes its decades of success to focusing on the real needs of athletes and other sports enthusiasts, implementing their product development and technological innovation as well as structuring their investments in research. The team which includes doctors, technicians, researchers, and athletes, are widely recognized for their highly upheld professional standards and innovative qualities. 

Today, the Group's research, development, production, and marketing of supplements and nutritional products has made it the market leader in the Italian sports supplements sector.

 An unrelenting approach to quality is fundamental to all their products. In essence, this means they never profess something a product isn't. It means never overstating its plausible benefits or value. It means never creating false impressions that mislead the customers and athletes looking to stay fit in well. 


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