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The first Early Rider was built in a garden shed in Thames, England in 2005.

The company was founded as a result of the dissatisfaction of Andy Loveland, a father who wanted to teach his son to ride a bicycle, but could not find a suitable bike.

So he founded the Early Rider brand, whose concept and design quickly motivated many parents to teach their own kids to cycle on light balance and children's bikes without training wheels.

Today, their products are sought after globally and their design work held in high esteem, but at the unit, they remain the same - tightly packed, relentless and passionate about the building bikes for kids the world over.



Their most recent models ranges, is divided broadly into two terrains; Urban (with slick tyres and faux leather saddles) and Adventure, with knobbly tyres and broad flat pedals. Within each category is different wheel sizes from 14", 16", 20" or 24."

Aside pedal bikes, Early Rider offers five balance bikes to choose from. Composed of a covered bearing wheelset, aluminum steerer and headtube, this beautiful new addition pushes the boundaries between performance, design and cost.



Cycling improves self-confidence, boldness, a sense of adventure and vitality - skills that children need, to optimally develop as they grow up, since they help them to master life with all its challenges.

Early Rider bikes are thoughtfully designed with functionality in mind, with quality, lightweight components aids children to effortlessly enjoy riding, Leading to confidence building for trail rides. This bikes keep to the Early Rider manifesto of More Kids having More Fun on Bikes.


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