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CORIMA’s story began in 1988, inspired by their love of the outdoors and the technological advances in the cycling world at the time, the two founders began applying their extensive know-how to carbon fiber technologies. 

The first “paracular” wheel was not only impressive, it was fast, but hours of further research and development to optimise stiffness and aerodynamics soon led to a full range of wheels destined for professional cycling performance.

 The company name stems from the contraction of Cooperation RIffard MArtin in reference to the names of the founders Jean-Marie Riffard and Pierre Martin.



Although the firm’s activities were originally centered around the production of moulds and prototypes for the foundry, automobile and aeronautic industries. CORIMA ’s expertise and innovation in carbon composite materials brought them global recognition.

CORIMA has been manufacturing high performance carbon wheels for more than 30 years. Because of in-house production they control all the steps in the manufacturing process, from the design to the final assembly and packaging. 

CORIMA's wheels are individually molded by hand using prepreg carbon fibers, entirely hand-made in their workshop in Loriol-sur-Drôme, France. The company manufactures wheels for road, track, time-trial, fixie, handbikes and sportive wheelchair uses.

From the MCC DX wheels to the GRAVEL specific wheels, CORIMA proudly invites you to discover the perfect wheel for you. 



Since it's inception, the brand has always valued Innovation, Aerodynamics and Family. This notion is evident in their commitment to these values and the attachment to their roots and land remain true to this day. 

No wonder their products stand out, because they are conceived, tested and hand-crafted on site by a team of passionate designers and engineers .


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