Argon18 Brand page | EurekaBike Go to all the results from this Brand
Argon18 Brand page | EurekaBike Go to all the results from this Brand
Argon18 Brand page | EurekaBike Go to all the results from this Brand
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Argon18 Facts

Argon18 is a Canadian cycle manufacturer founded in 1989 in Montreal, Quebec. The name Argon18, is derived from the element Argon, which is number 18 on the periodic table of elements.

 Argon18 is renowned for the quality of their rides, modern day design, and high performance. Their bikes are built for top pros, local circuit champions, and everyday riders alike.

The brand ensures the use a rigorous testing process of design, engineering, refining, and validating, before apply leading technologies and tools while prioritizing premium performance and rider safety. 



With a large range of thier bikes on the roads, tracks and trails of more than 70 countries worldwide — and sponsoring professional cycling teams and professional triathletes the world over — Argon18 has become a benchmark in the international cycling community.

The brand is known for its quality Road Bikes and Time Trial and Triathlon Bikes. All Argon Bikes are designed and developed within Canada using state of the art technology.

Their signature bike design style is aesthetic, strong, aerodynamic and performance. With popular models that touch all riding styles with bikes for Road, Triathlon, Track, TT, Kids, and Cycling Accessories.

Argon18 is renowned for integrating intensive research into the design and development of its bikes, which are innovative yet classic, spectacular and sleek.

Designed using cutting-edge carbon fiber and aluminum construction techniques, a noticeably cautious approach and master artistry is evidently displayed in their bikes and frames. 



Argon18 is solidly united by the fact that the greatest ride is yet to be built, and driven by the endless possibilities opened up by technology, the world becomes our canvas.

Since the company was founded, Argon18 has gathered together a team of cycling experts and R&D specialists, all driven by the goal of delivering the best possible cycling experience to racers and riders of all kinds.

Today, Argon18 is still united by this idea more than ever, the team is committed to actively refining and redefining the art of cycling with each bike they make.

Always out there with the riders, riders of all calibre, discovering new ways to improve their cycling experience as well as how to make the bikes lighter, faster, safer and more integrated for everyone.


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