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absoluteBLACK was founded in London by Polish engineer and passionate mountain biker Marcin Golem. The R&D team has devoted itself to creating cycling parts, gear and accessories that set new standards in function, durability, quality and design.

The company does its development and production entirely in Europe. All metal parts are made in the Polish factory in Opole; while the aluminium is sourced from Germany. The chainrings are then skillfully anodized in the UK.


absoluteBLACK offers the widest range of oval chainrings for MTB and road bikes with several years of experience in this field. The British manufacturer also caters to the needs of round chainring enthusiasts, as they offer genuine masterpieces of CNC machining.

The high-quality and technically sophisticated chainrings and hubs are crafted in London and are defined by a unique attention to details. The company is undoubtedly the largest mountain bike oval chainring manufacturer in the world.

Although oval chainrings don't generate extra power, they enhance your pedaling effectiveness. This means they reduce the force being applied from the pedal, which doesn't necessarily contribute to moving your bike forward. The less force used, the more energy preserved, allowing the cyclist to push harder when it matters or simply reduce fatigue.

Research conducted by the University of Primorska, Slovenia demonstrate significant differences when using absoluteBLACK Oval chainrings as compared to round; up to 9% improvement in pedaling effectiveness, up to 7% less oxygen consumption, up to 15% less Ventilation (breathing) and up to 10% heart rate decrease when using oval chainrings versus round. This means less energy consumption at the same power output using Oval chainrings, ensuring you can ride for longer and/or faster. 


The company’s foundation comes from thier passion for cycling. As a family-owned brand, the absoluteBLACK remains passionate and fully involved in every step of the production cycle. 

The brand believes in continuous improvement and have made it their goal to improve the cyclist’s pedaling efficiency by changing how torque from the crank is delivered to the rear wheel. This is how absoluteBLACK oval chainrings captured global recognition.


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