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100% is a sportswear and lifestyle brand that produces performance goggles, eyewear, helmets, gloves, and other protective gear. 

In the early 1980’s, 100% sponsored multiple factory racing teams and racers, including AMA Hall of Famers and Bob Hannah. Since then, people have been associating 100% with great moments in motocross, as the popular brand continues to be associated with the biggest names. 

 In 2012, the brand launched a revamped, modern look for the 100% brand. With the reintroduction of the new look with the marque product and goggles, they went ahead to expand the line to include gloves, MTB helmets, sportswear, and protective gear as well as performance eyewear. 



100% is a premium sports performance brand that produces a collection of mountain bike gear,  includes jerseys, shorts, pants, and protective equipment for men, women and kids.

In 2018, the company partnered with AC Performance Systems to launch a new eyewear, race-tested and worn by 3-time UCI World Road Champion Peter Sagan, the Speedcraft Air. 

Within two months of being released to the public, the Speedcraft Air was recognized as the "innovation of the year" and awarded the prize of “Best sport frame” at the 2018 World Optician Gala in Monaco. 

The new 100% Speedcraft glasses bring a radical and exciting style that will appeal to both mountain and road bikers. 100% are well known for their great goggles, and that knowledge runs deep in the DNA of their new Speedcraft Glasses.

The huge single lens is available in two different lens sizes: normal and enormous. Supplied with two lenses and available in a wide range of colours, you can match the Speedcraft glasses to your style.

All 100% products are designed and tested in San Diego. The company manufactures its eyewear in Italy and the lenses in France with Dalloz Creations. The 100% brand has won design awards for their goggles and performance eyewear, some of these awards include the Design & Innovation Award (DIA), which is both a seal of approval and the benchmark achievement for the bike industry’s highest-performing products. 



The brand name is derived from answering the question:

 "How much effort do you give? 100%." 

 This unique high performance attitude of the American brand is evident across all its brand categories from its MTB clothing, sunglasses, gloves to a host of other protective equipment: if you give less than your best, you'll regret it. To make sure it doesn't come to that, the developers have given 100% to produce the highest quality and most robust helmets, glasses, gloves, jerseys or pants you can ride.

Originally pioneers in the motocross industry, their synonymous attention to detail and pursuit to create the absolute best sunglasses on the market pushed them into the cycling industry. With the 100% Bike Sunglasses, Speedcraft range now worn by World Champion, Peter Sagan. 

Today, as the brand's awareness grows again in Motocross, on Downhill slopes, and BMX tracks, 100% is inspiring a whole new generation of racers and asking them the original tag line: How much effort do you give?

"If you aren't giving it 100%, you will regret it!"

100% sponsors athletes across multiple disciplines, including motocross, enduro and downhill mountain bike, road racing and triathlon. 

Some of these sponsored athletes include: Peter Sagan (Road), Mathieu van der Poel (Cyclocross, MTB & Road), Frederik Van Lierde (Triathlon), Loic Bruni (Downhill), Sam Hill (Enduro), Katy Winton (Enduro), Marvin Musquin (Moto), Gautier Paulin (Moto) and more.

With a long heritage in extreme sports you know 100% clothing is fit for purpose, The brand showcases High quality materials, matched to stylish design.

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