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Gogobest eMTB | Promo Code Deal

17 Jun 2022Jacopo V.

XF200 and GF700 Gogobest: real deals for electric Moped MTB Bikes

Meet the fat eMTBs Gogobest GF700 and Bezior XF200

Our readers already know GoGoBest eBikes, because we have been writing about them before. Check out this link for a bit of a story about this Poland-UK-based e-bicycle manufacturer

Now. If you are in search of all-around mountain bikes that also suit perfectly for city rides at crazy low prices, then you shall have a look at the Gogobest GF700 and the Bezior XF200.

They are both rear-motor and fat-wheels moped bikes (or MotoBikes) with limited speed by law at 25Km/h (but they can reach up to 50km/h if unlocked for usage on private ground). Moto Bikes are different from traditional eBikes because they are provided with an accelerator and their motor pushes even if you don't put any force on the pedals.

Both models are classified as electric moped mountain bikes, but they feature quite different characteristics and are designed for different purposes.

The GF700 is a strong adventure short-range eMTB that will lead you into the wild for exploring the surroundings near your place. The XF200 is an MTB-style urban bicycle that is perfect for smashing urban bumpy roads and city roads' obstacles, to get you to work or to your appointment in the center of the town, safely and in a sustainable way. 

Both models are available in multiple colors and all styles are created on an elegant, yet sporty black base.


Gogobest GF700: explore your surroundings

The Gogobest GF700 is technically a hardtail MTB, meaning that it features a front suspended fork and the rear is rigid for a better power transfer to the wheel.

With its 37.5 kilograms of weight, this is not really the e-bike you want to bring with you for epic mountain rides in the alps, but it is actually perfect if your trips are mostly in the short and mid-distance range and your budget is relatively low. You will enjoy a lot this bike in the hills and for lake and riverside rides on dirt roads and easy trails. 

The GF700, listed at €1,899.00 is one of the most convenient choices to step into the world of mountain electric bicycles.  

And, fasten your seatbelts... the GF700 is now available for immediate shipping to your door (4 to 6 days as claimed by Gogobest logistics in the UK) at the discounted price of €1,549.99 if you go to this link (save €350,00 + free shipping, if you buy it now from Gogobest website!).

But it is not over: for the readers of the EurekaBike Blog we have an extra 10% discount on top with the following PROMO CODE:

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This means that the GF700 could be yours at the stunning price of €1,349.99 only (including free shipping to your door all over the EU)! It is a freaking €550 discount deal. Moreover, you will get:

  • a Xiaomi Mi Band 5 as free GIFT;
  • the opportunity to buy a bundle of: "eBike GOGOBEST GF700 + Bezior Smart Bike Pump + GOGOBEST Rear Rack Luggage Holder" for only €1,528.97 (with the code NAE9YY8 at checkout). 

Bezior XF200 folding urban crossover eMTB

The Bezior XF200 is a different story and it is game-changer for urban and holiday mobility. First of all, this bike is fully suspended and features 20" wheels and, it is foldable.

Yes, you got it right: a foldable, fat, electric, 20", full-suspended moped bike! We have more than 10.000 bikes listed to date on EurekaBike and this is one of the very few of them featuring this interesting layout.

Are you planning to make it yours?  It is easier and more convenient if you do it now.
Just click on this link to jump on their website and put this promo code at the checkout:

150off: NAE9YY8

With that code, you will buy the XF200 at the best possible conditions, resulting in a final price of €1,304.99 only, including free shipping to your door. Moreover, you will get:

  • a Xiaomi Mi Band 5 as free GIFT;
  • the opportunity to buy a bundle of: "eBike BEZIOR XF200 + Bezior E-bike Battery + BEZIOR Rear Rack" for only €1,779.97 (no discount code needed in this case, just add those three to your cart and the offer will activate automatically.

We have a vision about using this bike for hanging around in the woods with a line and a fishing bag on your back... and then on monday using it to get safely to the office. how do you feel about that?