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09 Jun 2021Fabio Strufaldi

The Scott Spark 2022 is finally on the market

There has been a lot of talk about it in recent months, with predictions of technical features and many previews, official and not, and, finally, the time has come: the Scott Spark 2022 is now available!
A new era for XC? Surely it is a bike that revolutionizes the world of this discipline.  Scott, is a Company that has always been characterized by being at the forefront of MTB production. The last Spark was dated 5 years ago, and this long period allowed the American-Swiss company to develop ideas, implement projects, and conduct tests with the help of top cross-country athletes such as Nino Schurter and Kate Courtney.

The most outstanding element is the shock absorber integrated into the frame, but the series of interventions and technological gems are such and many that it is clear that this bike is not a simple restyling, but a real technical dawn. Lightness, efficiency, and speed seem to be the pillars on which the Scott XC philosophy is based, in order to have a vehicle at the top of the range in competitions where the derivation from the Bold platform, a brand acquired by Scott in 2019, is clearly seen.

Tech Specs of the new Spark

It must be said immediately that the Scott Spark 2022 is produced in two types: 9 models for the RC (Cross Country) and 13 models for the 900 (Trail Riding). The minimum travel of the integrated shock absorber is 120mm (which becomes 130mm in the 900 series). The forks are 32 mm diameter, 1.5” headset with internal cable routing, 76.1° seat angle, 67° steering angle. The chain line is 55mm and this allows you to mount sprockets up to 40 teeth!
Finally the frame: they are all full carbon for the RC, while you can opt (with a consequent significant price variation) for carbon, hybrid, or aluminum for the 900 models. The weight of the frame varies between the 1870 g declared for the HMX -SL, top of the range, up to 2150 g of the HMF. In general, the complete bike weighs between 10.5 and 11.5 kg.

Integration for efficiency and simplicity

But let's take a closer look at the integrated shock absorber. It is completely incorporated into the frame, just above the bottom bracket shell. In Scott's intentions, in addition to having a significant aesthetic impact, it serves to lower the center of gravity and protect the shock absorber from mud and dirt. In addition, the patented single fulcrum damper system reduces lateral movement, providing more readiness and efficiency. More difficulty in accessing? Not at all, as the shock is accessible from a small door in the frame to adjust rebound, compression and pressure. It also allows quick replacement of the TwinLoc cable.

The TwinLoc suspension

The advanced TwinLoc suspension system connects the shock absorber, the fork and the frame with a handlebar-mounted control. With it you can quickly change the set-up and geometry, to have practically three bikes in one: Lockout for a quick response to the gate; Traction Control for a demanding climb or in all conditions when it is important to transfer traction; and, finally, Downhill for maximum downhill performance.

Integrated cockpit by Scott

The cockpit design allows a curvature of the cables that pass under the handlebar and around the sides of the stem before disappearing into the headset. Another novelty is the possibility of adjusting the steering angle of 0.6° to have a more direct or more relaxed attitude: simply remove and refit the handlebar turned by 180 °.

Scott Spark 2022: prices

As mentioned, the Scott Spark range is very varied as there are 26 models on the market. They range from €2399 for the basic models of the 900 series such as the Spark 970, up to €12999 for the top of the RC range, such as the Spark SL Evo Axs. Remeber that on EurekaBike you can find the complete range of Scott Spark 2022 with detailed technical sheets and many photos!