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UCI MTB World Championships 2021 - DH race resume, result: wins Greg Minaar

29 Aug 2021Jacopo V.

RAW video resume of the UCI World Championships Downhill race with an astonishing winner Greg Minaar

Relive in a new and exciting way the spectacular Downhill Elite Men race on the Black Snake in Val di Sole, valid for the 2021 UCI MTB World Championships.
Watch this fantastic video that shows, rider by rider and section by section all the race flow.

You will have the impression of being on the sides of the Black Snake in an ideal run made by composing all the main sections of the track, each covered one by one by the riders who had access to the final.
The RAW editing lets you relive the atmosphere of the UCI Downhill World Championships in Val di Sole. Passages at normal (supersonic) speed and in slow-motion to appreciate the way bicycles and riders behave between the roots and stones of one of the most iconic Downhill tracks in the world.

More than this, today an historic sporting achievement has been accomplished, and for this we also feel we have to share the result of these UCI Downhill World Championships 2021 that have just ended in Val di Sole.

The Black Snake saw today Greg Minaar triumph (at almost 40 years old!). The fourth victory of his career in the most important event of the UCI circus and the first on the technical Trentino track.
The South African of the Syndicate Santa Cruz team demonstrated his timeless greatness to the whole World with an extraordinary performance that forced all the youngest riders to step aside.
Benoît Coulange (silver), Troy Brosnan (bronze), Loïc Bruni, Loris Vergier, Danny Hart, Amaury Pierron (who came from an injury), team-mate Luca Shaw and many other opponents had a tough start, but they could do nothing against Greg’s solid consistency who, with this result, puts the icing on the cake to an incredible career spanning over 20 years, and further consolidates his position as GOAT (Greatest of All Time) in the world of DH.

Beyond this great sporting result that certainly deserves to be told, the Downhill race of the Elite Men on the Black Snake of Val di Sole was spectacular. Thinking of gaps of a few split second on a track featuring that technical level can only make us imagine how close the competition that took place at Daolasa was.
Then, watch the video we found for you and… have fun at full throttle!

Here it is: