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31 Jul 2023Eva Alberini

Guide to buying a used bike: tips and tricks to make the right deal

Buying a used bicycle can be an advantageous choice to save money without sacrificing quality. However, it is important to proceed carefully to avoid nasty surprises and make sure you make the right deal. In this guide we will give you useful tips and tricks to keep in mind when buying your next used bike. Because without worries you ride much better.


  • Set your budget and needs

Before you try your hand at finding a used bicycle, it is essential to understand what your needs are and determine your budget accordingly. Keep in mind the specialty you want to practice: road, MTB, cycling, or other. Each discipline has its own specific characteristics; based on your preferences you can focus on specific models by limiting your search options.


  • Search online and visit markets

Online research is a great starting point to understand what the market can offer and at what price. Explore ad sites, specialized cycling platforms, and local social media sales groups. Don’t forget to visit the flea markets: you can often find real bargains.

Warning: Be especially careful about tempting offers. In the choice of the seller favors those with positive reviews.


  • Check the status of the bicycle

When you find a bike that interests you, it is important to carefully check the general status. In particular, check the wear of tyres, brakes, and chain. Inspect the frame for any dents, cracks, and particularly marked signs of wear. Make sure that the main components are in good condition, or at least if compared to the sales cost, and that there are no missing parts.


  • Try the bicycle

If possible, it is always best to try the bike before buying it. Feel free to ask the seller to take a short ride to evaluate the comfort and handling of the bike. Pay attention to any abnormal noise and especially to the efficiency of the gearboxes. A practical test will help you understand if it is the right bicycle for your needs.


  • Request the maintenance history

Ask the seller about past maintenance. A well-maintained bike will have undergone regular maintenance. To further confirm, you could always request invoices or documents that attest the work done, so as to have a complete picture of the status of the bike.


  • Beware of scams

In the world of online shopping it is always important to pay attention to fraud. Rely only on secure platforms and vendors rated as reliable. If the deal looks too good to be true, it might hide some nasty surprises. Avoid making advance payments, use secure intermediaries like Paypal, and always prefer to meet in person to complete the purchase.



Summing up, buying a used bicycle is often a great way to save money, as well as encouraging the growth of a circular economy, but requires a long and meticulous research. Even just to evaluate the many models on the market takes time.
Thanks to this short buying guide you will have nothing to worry about: with the help of our simple tips, conveniently schematized in six simple points, you will be able to take home the perfect deal for you. You just have to try.

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