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04 Aug 2023Eva Alberini

Guerciotti and Selle Italia: the end of an era

News in the Italian cyclocross

Great changes in the world of cyclocross: the long-lived and profitable collaboration that for over 30 years was carried out between Selle Italia, the famous undisputed leader in the production of bicycle saddles, and Guerciotti, historic Milanese brand of bikes, seems to have come to an end.


Thirty years of collaboration with Selle Italia

The team manager of the team, Alessandro Guerciotti, has openly thanked the historical sponsor, recalling the numerous successes achieved together in 30 years of Italian championships. Of how a long-standing collaboration and so profitable is not obvious; on the other hand it is due to both parties if the greatest Italian cyclists of recent years have raced in the Team Selle Italia-Guerciotti, helping to make this team THE dream for any little girl* approached in those years to this sport. Below is the detail of the interview:


"We thank Selle Italia for having supported us in these years and having contributed to make our team great. In these 30 years we have written historical pages of the Italian and international cyclocross. We won the last Elite title by an Italian with Daniele Pontoni (in addition to a historic cyclocross World Cup), not to mention the many Italian titles won. The greatest Italian cyclists of recent years have raced with the pair Selle Italia-Guerciotti on the chest. Among them we mention Marco Aurelio Fontana, Enrico Franzoi, Sanne Cant, Gioele Bertolini, Alice Arzuffi. In all these years, the Team Selle Italia-Guerciotti was the dream for any guy who started to run cyclocross and many of them were able to fulfill it. It is difficult to build such a successful and long-lasting collaboration in a sport."


Team ciclocross: new main sponsor coming soon

But even the most beautiful things are destined to end. The management of the team will soon make the announcement in which it will reveal the new sponsor, which will be inserted as the first name on the shirt. Do not see anymore the logo of Selle Italia in the center of the race jerseys and at each starting grid will be a big change for everyone. Athletes and not. Naturally the future collaboration that will soon be revealed to the general public, will maintain the high quality standards to which we have been accustomed until today.

Changes can be difficult to accept but they are part of the process, they are necessary so that progress can always be made for the better. The Guerciotti team has not lost the desire to win, but rather aims to achieve even more ambitious goals.

"All good things are bound to end sooner or later but we are excited about the new course we are taking and the new collaboration we have just signed, with a major company outside the cycle industry. The goal is not only to repeat the victories that have marked our past, but also to overcome even more ambitious goals. We can only thank Selle Italia and, especially Giuseppe Bigolin, for all these years of collaboration, accompanied by numerous victories. But in life you can never know, it could just be a goodbye"


Waiting for the great announcement, we can only make the biggest and sincerest wishes to the most awarded team of the European cross-country cycle panorama.
No one knows what the future holds, but surely we at EurekaBike will be here to tell you about it.

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