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02 Aug 2023Eva Alberini

Evolution Bikes and Fabio Cannavaro join forces for the new Casa del Sorriso in Naples

The recent collaboration between the Cannavaro Ferrara Foundation and Evolution Bikes, Caserta’s leading reality in the cycling sector, led to the organization of an event for the benefit of lovers of this two-wheeled sport.

Let’s see who are the two protagonists of today’s story:

  • The Cannavaro Ferrara Foundation has always worked to counteract the different forms of childhood and youth discomfort in the city and province of Naples, through a greater involvement of staff and reality that operate there. Social projects range in different areas of intervention: Sport, Aggregation, Education, Training at work, Redevelopment of spaces, Health.
  • Evolution Bikes is a bike store but can almost be considered a brand for cycling enthusiasts. Moreover, its history speaks for itself: born in 1974, they have been present in the sector for over 40 years. Well known in Italy, where it is considered the largest bike shop in southern Italy, and in the world. Their philosophy goes beyond the simple sale of bicycles: it aims to create a real community of cyclists, to give them constant technical support, professional advice and, inevitably, high quality products. They are concretely committed to involving their customers in social and solidarity initiatives. The collaboration with the Cannavaro Ferrara Foundation is just the latest in a long series.


From the partnership between the two bodies was born EVOLUTION BIKES FOR FCF BIKE, an event marked FCF Bike Tour, divided into three stages: Naples - Caserta - Vesuvius.

The staff of the two organizers coordinated the event attended by riders loyal customers of Evolution Bikes, who competed in this non-agonistic competition in order to raise funds for the realization in Naples of the first House of Smile.

It is a non-profit association founded in 1968 on the initiative of some Capuchin Fathers who, inspired by what are the fundamental Franciscan values, carries out interventions in favor of minors belonging to disadvantaged families and especially children of single mothers.


The FCF Bike Tour event took place on 11, 12 and 13 June. Although it was an amateur event, the Rome - Naples route was certainly the most challenging: it is in fact the longest stage, a total of 256km covered in just under 7 hours. To assist the participants there were obviously many experienced technicians in the field, involved both in the maintenance of bikes and in the physical support of athletes with mineral drinks, water, energy bars. The staff also saw exceptional members such as former cyclists Valerio Agnoli and Alessandro Proni. Even the former captain of the national football team Fabio Cannavaro made his appearance in the stage of Caserta, where he delivered shirts and plates of the event signed by him as a thank you to all the exhibitors in the city who made donations.