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EurekaBike on Patreon

26 Apr 2023Jacopo V.

EurekaBike is on Patreon

After three years of hard work, I am very proud to announce that our beloved EurekaBike project has jumped into Patreon. This has taken effort, responsibility, passion, and knowledge but here we are now. And this is the time for you to show your support!

You can do it now by hitting this link and choosing one of the pledge options: go to EurekaBike Patreon page.

If you are part of those who call us on a daily basis saying that the project is great and cheering us up after having found some useful information on EurekaBike... then you can now offer us one CAPPUCCINO a month!

If you belong to our family & friends and you know how hard we have been working on this project and how hard we will continue working at it. Then you can show us support by offering us one CAPPUCCINO, one INNER TUBE, or one PIZZA a month.

If you are a wealthy bicycle enthusiast or professional, a brand or shop owner and you really appreciate people working their b*tt off as you do... be aware: we are building a first-ever bicycle database aimed to become a worldwide reference for the whole bicycle industry. In that case, offer us a CAPPUCCINO, an INNER TUBE, a PIZZA a month, or make the difference and pledge the amount of a RENT-A-BIKE an ENERGY SUPPLY or a DAY OF RIDING. This is the best you can do for the success of the project.

If you are reading but you cannot give financial support, don't worry: you can still help a lot. Just spread out the voice about EurekaBike and its Patreon page to every one of your connections that is passionate about cycling.

Thank you all!

Jacopo Vigna - EurekaBike Founder