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After three years of hard work, I am very proud to announce that our beloved EurekaBike project has jumped into Patreon. This has taken effort, responsibility, passion, and knowledge but here we are now. And this is the time for you to show your support!

You can do it now by hitting this link and choosing one of the pledge options: go to EurekaBike Patreon page.

If you are part of those who call us on a daily basis saying that the project is great and cheering us up after having found some useful information on EurekaBike... then you can now offer us one CAPPUCCINO a month!

If you belong to our family & friends and you know how hard we have been working on this project and how hard we will continue working at it. Then you can show us support by offering us one CAPPUCCINO, one INNER TUBE, or one PIZZA a month.

If you are a wealthy bicycle enthusiast or professional, a brand or shop owner and you really appreciate people working their b*tt off as you do... be aware: we are building a first-ever bicycle database aimed to become a worldwide reference for the whole bicycle industry. In that case, offer us a CAPPUCCINO, an INNER TUBE, a PIZZA a month, or make the difference and pledge the amount of a RENT-A-BIKE an ENERGY SUPPLY or a DAY OF RIDING. This is the best you can do for the success of the project.

If you are reading but you cannot give financial support, don't worry: you can still help a lot. Just spread out the voice about EurekaBike and its Patreon page to every one of your connections that is passionate about cycling.

Thank you all!

Jacopo Vigna - EurekaBike Founder

Jacopo V.

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Giant Bike Center Cimone Racing Team 2024 Unveiled
A Celebration for Athletes and Sponsors at AutoTorino in Busto Arsizio The unveiling of the Giant Bike Center Cimone Team on March 3, 2024, at the prestigious Auto Torino Jeep Salon in Busto Arsizio, marked a significant moment in the Italian gravity scene for 2024. With the unwavering support of leading partners like Giant, OwlX, RideWill, Ohlins, Switch, and Auto Torino, the team underscored the critical role of collaboration and technological support in contemporary cycling. The team's core is embodied by its members, individually acknowledged by team principal Matteo Tini. Cesare Proasso, at the helm of training and athlete management; Simone Hinek, leading the Academy for youths; and Simone Medici, not only a standout World Cup athlete but also the Team Coordinator. They are supported by Paolo Mazzoli (suspension technician), Gigio (mechanic), Filippo Daniele (communications and social media), Marina (catering and logistics), and Raffaella (administration), each contributing significantly. The Team as One Big Family This year, the Bike Center Cimone Team, now known as Giant Bike Center Cimone, prides itself on being a close-knit family divided into specialized teams: the Pro Team, the Enduro Team, and the Junior Team. This structured approach enables them to tackle diverse challenges with a targeted and highly professional strategy, establishing Matteo Tini's organization as one of only two entities consistently present at the UCI World Cup Downhill. Program and Future Goals The 2024 competition schedule sees the team engaged in significant Downhill and MTB Enduro races, both nationally and internationally, aiming to continue showcasing the team's colors on the most competitive stages of the gravity landscape. A notable change this year is the approach to training. In 2024, training sessions will not be confined to the pre-season but will continue throughout the season to better meet the riders' needs and enhance their preparation. This year, one of the team's top riders, Stefano Introzzi, thanks to a partnership with sponsor RideWill, is dedicating even more effort to technical and athletic preparation, aiming to fully unleash his potential and achieve his ambitious World Cup DH goals. The team also expressed profound gratitude to the athletes' parents, emphasizing how crucial family support is to the sport. By extending training all year round, the team further aims to preserve and strengthen the atmosphere of tranquility and camaraderie that has always defined it, serving as a cornerstone of its philosophy. A Promising Future Fabio Arcardini, Marketing and Sponsorships Manager at Giant Italy, reiterated the significance of Giant's backing for the initiative, noting how the past year began a journey filled with high expectations for Giant. This journey continues and strengthens with the decision to support the Cimone Bike Center team in 2024, aiming to foster team spirit and excellence by equipping the team with the finest bikes from the Giant 2024 MTB range. The dedication of Team Bike Cimone serves as a brilliant illustration of how passion, commitment, and support can converge to forge a competitive yet warmly familiar and welcoming atmosphere.
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Peter Sagan's Heart Condition: A Temporary Setback
Heart condition: what happened? In the world of professional cycling, athletes often push their limits, but sometimes, their bodies signal a need to pause and heal. Such is the case with Peter Sagan, the renowned Slovak cyclist known for his exceptional talent and charismatic personality. Recently, Sagan disclosed that he has been diagnosed with a heart condition, causing concern among fans and the cycling community worldwide. The condition, described as a cardiac arrhythmia, was detected after Sagan experienced unusual symptoms during training. Arrhythmias can range from harmless to serious, affecting the heart's ability to pump blood efficiently. For an athlete like Sagan, known for enduring the grueling demands of professional cycling, this diagnosis necessitates a temporary step back from racing to focus on recovery. Sagan's response and recovery plan Peter Sagan, ever optimistic, addressed his condition publicly, reassuring fans of his intent to return stronger. In his declaration, Sagan emphasized the importance of health over competition, stating his commitment to a recovery plan designed in collaboration with medical professionals. This plan includes rest, medication, and possibly, procedures to correct the arrhythmia if necessary. Sagan's positive outlook and determination to overcome this challenge serve as a testament to his resilience, both as an athlete and as an individual. The road to recovery and return As for when fans can expect to see Sagan back on track, the timeline remains cautiously optimistic. Recovery from heart conditions, especially for athletes accustomed to high-intensity competition, varies based on the individual and the severity of the condition. However, Sagan and his medical team are hopeful for a return to racing within the next few months, provided his treatment and recovery proceed without complications. In the meantime, Sagan's focus on health over haste serves as a reminder of the human aspect behind professional athleticism. His situation underscores the importance of listening to one's body and taking necessary health precautions seriously, regardless of one's career or ambitions. Peter Sagan's journey through diagnosis, treatment, and recovery highlights not only the challenges athletes face beyond competition but also their resilience in the face of adversity. As the cycling community and fans worldwide send their best wishes for his swift recovery, the anticipation for his return to racing grows. Sagan's experience with this heart condition will undoubtedly add a profound chapter to his already remarkable career, reminding us all of the strength found in vulnerability and the courage to prioritize health above all else. Here is more information on heart health and the importance of cardiac care. EurekaBike's Insight: For cycling enthusiasts looking to stay updated on Peter Sagan's progress and other cycling news, EurekaBike's dedicated page offers the latest updates and insights into the world of professional cycling.
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