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Wilier Triestina Brand page | EurekaBike Go to all the results from this Brand
Wilier Triestina Brand page | EurekaBike Go to all the results from this Brand
Wilier Triestina Brand page | EurekaBike Go to all the results from this Brand
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Wilier Triestina Facts

Wilier Triestina was founded in a modest workshop, way back in 1906. in Veneto, Italy where they produced bicycles for cyclists and even the Italian army. 

The company name was coined as an acronym for the phrase “Wi'Italia li berata eredenta”, where the W is an abbreviation for "Viva!" (Long live Italy, liberated and redeemed). Triestina comes from the name of the city of Trieste. When the brand was founded. 

Dal Molin decided Wilier Triestina be distinguished by its red copper-coloured bicycles, which later became an authentic trade-mark.

The famous Italian cyclist Fiorenzo Magni rode Wilier bikes in his 1948 Giro d'Italia win as well as his 1949 and 1950 Tour of Flanders wins. 

More recently World Champion Alessandro Ballan and runner up Damiano Cunego rode Wilier bicycles to victory in the 2008 UCI Road World Championships.



Whether you’re into racing bicycles or you’re just out group riding, there is a Wilier road bike for you. Many of their bikes, like the Cento1AIR, feature cutting edge technology that provides the frame with exceptional aerodynamics, and bikes like the Zero.7 are designed to be incredibly lightweight without sacrificing performance.

While having a bike that is lightweight and aerodynamic is a must for many racers, not everyone wants to have a bike like that. That is why Wilier also makes the SuperLeggera which is a steel-tubed road bike that is perfect for the rider who wants a more classic look to their ride.

A blend of this rich heritage with the technology and asthetics inherent to Wilier, and the result is a bike that inspires in every conceivable manner.

The company also makes a line of gravel bikes that are great for going on off-road or dirt adventures. Their lineup includes steel framed bikes that have wide gravel tires or ultra-wide plus-sized tires and an aluminum framed bike with wide gravel tires.

Both also excel when it comes to touring and commuting with adaptation for fenders on the front and rear and sports for a rack so you can mount a trunk bag.



if you’re looking for a race bike to take you to victory at your next challenge, or a bike for off-road gravel adventures, then you’ll love what Wilier Bikes has to offer.

You don’t have to be an Italian cyclist to love these cool Italian bikes. 

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