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Strider Brand page | EurekaBike Go to all the results from this Brand
Strider Brand page | EurekaBike Go to all the results from this Brand
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Strider bike was invented in 2007 in South Dakota, USA, by Ryan McFarland. As a rider and one who comes from a family of riders with his father who owned a motorcycle shop and race dirt bikes, riding had always been part of him. The inspiration for inventing Strider came from the desire to teach his 2 years old son, the passion of riding and to grow into a passionate rider like himself.

Ryan bought him the traditional little tricycle and the cute little 12" pedal bike with training wheels, each one decked out in racing stripes, enthusiasm quickly turned to frustration as he watched his eager son struggle with the weight and complexity of the supposed children’s bikes.

As a racer, he wanted to build the child a better bike. So he began cutting, grinding, and unbolting every piece of non-essential weight he could find. When he got to the drive train (pedals, cranks, bearing, chain, sprockets), he realized that was the location of the bulk of the weight and complexity.



 Ryan made the first strider bike  for Kids ages 18 months old to 5 years. The bike makes use of extended seat post offering allows for longer use. With seat height ranging from 11" – 19" and weighing 6.7 lb, 5.6 lb.

The tires are made primarily from foam, although they provide air filled tires for off road rides. Their bikes are easily adjustable to fit a wide range of ages. While the frame design makes it comfortable and easy to ride. 

Strider bikes are super lightweight, having narrow saddle, handlebars, and grips to fit little bodies. They are widely available and come in a variety of colours. 



Strider principal values are deeply rooted in its history and mission, which is to build lightweight, efficient, all-terrain bikes that develop two-wheeled balance, coordination, and confidence in children.

Compared to cheap, mass-produced balance bikes, the Strider holds its own due to its exceptional adjustability. Although when compared to higher-end balance bikes, Striders might not have as many features, but all-in-all the Strider bike has certainly earned its place as the best-selling balance bike in the US.

Overall, Strider bikes are well-designed and are hands-down winner in balance bikes sold at big-box stores. 

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