KTM Brand page | EurekaBike Go to all the results from this Brand
KTM Brand page | EurekaBike Go to all the results from this Brand
KTM Brand page | EurekaBike Go to all the results from this Brand
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KTM Facts

KTM Bike industries have been making bikes in Austria since 1964. Their use of the best components, quality frames as well as hand building and test running all bikes inhouse, has made the brand a hot sensation globally.

Whether you're looking for a starter mountain bike or a high-end carbon road bike, KTM makes something to suit everyone, no matter what your cycling ability is.

Using knowledge acquired over 50 years building bikes, KTM is a brand that is reliable, of the highest quality, just as their orange branding makes them stand out from the crowd. 



The brand category includes; Cyclocross bikes, Ebikes, Framesets, Gravel bikes, Kids bikes, Hybrid/city bikes, Time trial, Road bikes, touring bikes and mountain bikes.



ADVENTURE - Every ride on a KTM is an adventure waiting to be experienced – a dream that is yours to explore. KTM is a perfect match for those with the courage and vision to follow their sense of adventure, for true adventurers, permanently challenging themselves, looking to new horizons for the next goal, destination or opponent to conquer.

Dedication has taken KTM to the edge and back, winning the Dakar Rally for 16 years straight. With an unquenchable sense of adventure, the KTM team aptly lives the READY TO RACE motto!

PURITY - Every single KTM showcases the purity of design and function that defines the pure ready to race mentality.

Out on your bike, looking ahead, towards the zone - nothing else matters, No wasted space or weight – just everything you need for the ultimate ride.

PERFORMANCE - performance is important to motorcycling, Its what makes your pulse race every time you head off on your bike.

Performance is at the heart of KTM’s philosophy. With exceptional performance, victory is more than just an option. True performance is more than just a word. It is what makes cycling real to the rider.

Modern bikes are full of many ‘nice to have’ features and gadgets, but these are irrelevant if a motorcycle does not deliver totally on performance. Performance stands above all else at KTM. We believe the riding experience should be thrilling, yet effortless at the same time.

EXTREME - Extreme situations can expose weakness, just as it highlights strength and reveals the extraordinary. KTM’s commitment to living life to the extreme and building extreme motorcycles, guarantees that all their products ignite intense emotions and delivers pure thrills.

The knowledge, technology and experience acquired by continuously pushing the boundaries of the brand to the very limits, sets KTM apart from all other manufacturers. This extreme mentality keeps the brand chasing success, always looking ahead, always wanting more.

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