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In 1999 the first mountain bike aimed specifically at female riders was created. Prior to this time, mountain bikes were specifically crafted for, and marketed to men. 

The Juliana was driven by Juli Furtado; a revolutionary woman and one of the most enthusiastic mountain bikers of all time, this marked an exciting shift in focus for the cycling industry. 

Although a couple of courageous females had begun laying the ground work of the sport for women, the introduction of the Juliana helped stimulate this activity.

Today, Juliana has grown into an award-winning line of superior mountain bikes ridden by a crew of athletes, racers and everyday cyclists who continue to blaze new paths.

Juliana's vision is to kindle the imagination of female explorers around the world and invent something hardcore for those who refuse to accept the status quo.

Since it's launched, the brand continues empowering, elevating and encouraging more women to experience the best of mountain biking.



Juliana bikes and parts such as their amazing carbon frames, saddles and grips are designed and tested in-house at their Head Quarters in Santa Cruz, California. This rigorous testing helps guarantee that all their products provide comfort  for the cyclist in all conditions. 

The brand is an award-winning, premium women's mountain bike fit all season rides. The Juliana offers responsive pedaling, dialed suspension, and geometries optimized for the female cyclist.

Juliana is ready to ignite your imagination and ensure uncompromised performance for everyone from professional racers to weekend cycling warriors. 



Juliana is committed to creating a voice for women in mountain biking, as it is about creating the bikes themselves. No matter how much thought goes into the bicycles, it’s the people who ride them that bring them to life.

As a stand-alone brand, Juliana enjoys the privilege of uninterrupted focus on the female cyclist. From guides to adventurers, professional racers to passionate enthusiasts, Juliana supports as many women as possible and share their stories with others who share the same drive for mountain biking.


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