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Intense Brand page | EurekaBike Go to all the results from this Brand
Intense Brand page | EurekaBike Go to all the results from this Brand
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The first Intense prototype bike was built in 1990, it used a MacPherson Strut design with the Horst Link chainstay pivot. An awesome combination that near enough isolated pedalling and braking forces from the very beginning – setting the stage for later bike models.

With the first Intense bike sorted and named, Jeff the founder of Intense, would often get out and ride – enjoying his creation. He used to hang out at a halfway point on the famous San Juan trail, called Cocktail Rock. Which is a view point that riders naturally stop at in both directions for a break and to enjoy the view.

Riders used to see Jeff with the bike and get chatting – it stood out from the pack, as a force to be reckoned with at the time and became talk of the town. Orders started coming in. 

Although The bikes were initially made in his garage, everything changed after a show in Vegas where he made a lot of bike sales, finally giving him the jump start he needed. 



Intense only make three models in Alloy now though (Tracer A, Spider A and M16A), as the future is very much carbon fibre for the high end brand.

The brand's Carbon Fibre production comes from the Far East, as it makes more sense financially and the end result is precise, and perfect. Aluminium development will remain in the US as Jeff says he can make his own ‘rapid prototypes’ mid week, and be on them testing at the weekend. 

Intense Cycles has recently launched the Spider 275C – a 115-130mm travel trail slayer, made from carbon fibre. Although a light weight trail bike, it has the look and image that Intense bikes are known for – it’s not your average trail bike.



It’s a well-known fact at Intense that Jeff is obsessed with what he calls “form and function”. Any time he is working on a new project, he is devotes his mind to ensure the bike delivers a brilliant appearance and incredible performance. 

Intense ensures that every bike they make, doesn't just look good, or be fast – it must meet exceptional standards on all levels. It is this preoccupation with “combining form and function” that has brought us some of the boldest, most aggressive and innovative bikes in the history of the cycling sport.

Intense Cycles still have that same thing about them, and it is wonderful to see that smaller companies can still thrive in the ever-expanding bike market. With the release of their latest bike – which has bang up to date geometry, we suspect Jeff and his team at Intense, have more than a few more things stuffed up their sleeves.


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