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Bottecchia Brand page | EurekaBike Go to all the results from this Brand
Bottecchia Brand page | EurekaBike Go to all the results from this Brand
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"The evolution of the Bottecchia Cicli bicycles began more than 100 years ago, from the direct collaboration with the champion Ottavio Bottecchia. Various categories including mountain riding, road and trekking, to elegant two wheels designed for daily use in the city, BMX, folding, cyclo-cross, and the electric line to satisfy the needs of the ecological mobility. Bottecchia bikes have only continued to grow over the years. Bottecchia became popular in the USA in the late eighties, when Greg Lemond, won an epic battle from a comeback against French rider, Laurent Fignon in the Tour de France. In 2012, Bottecchia Cicli sales expanded to an all new level, thanks to the arrival of the new Graziella, a throw-back in modern and technological design of the legendary folding bicycle, and icon of the ‘60s Italian economic boom. Reparto Corse is Bottecchia’s flagship brand dedicated to professional cycling and to the creation of highly professional racing products, both race and mountain bike. Reparto corse’s creatures put together the most innovative materials and the technologies with more performances, with an exclusive polished and elegant design. The collaboration between the Bottecchia R&D division to realize unique frames, with high performances, stiff and suitable bikes to face the most difficult competitions on all the streets all over the world. The tenacity, the constancy and the willpower of the great champion Ottavio Bottecchia are the values that guide the company to realize each project. All the Bottecchia’s models reflect the passion for the two wheels, the love for the style, the Italian design, and the tradition of a brand that goes with the riders for more than 100 years, with refined, elegant and high performance bikes. The quality of the brand is second to none and is the type of bike you see in a bike shop and just want to stop and gawk at it or take a snap shot as you imagine how cool it would be, tearing up the roads with this bike underneath you. Bottecchia Values. The long history and the international success of Bottecchia’s brand are based on solid foundations and concretes values that led the company to become a world reference point thanks to the wide selection of bicycles which can be adapted to every target, satisfying the requirements of every rider with the superior quality of the products. Bottecchia offers an efficient and prompt service, with prompt delivery, offering you the maximum flexibility of planning. Earning the satisfaction and maximum respect of the customers. Professional integrity: we daily work to manage the relationships with our customers and suppliers following high professional standards and working diligently to be respected all over the world. We always apply our values on all the relationships, both externals and internals, to create together an advantageous working environment for the success of the company and the single worker. Respect: we believe that the people are our greatest resource, and so we try to provide the best working environment, favorable to creative and operative thought, in a calm and stimulating environment. Long run relationships: both with our customers or suppliers, we believe it’s essential to establish relationships that last long, based on respect and faith. One of the most important factor of our success is the relationship with the key-partner. We exclusively trust on highly qualified personal and we pay attention to the needs of each customer, guaranteeing the best assistance and the best attention to the real requirements and needs. Quality: we continuously work to make the perfect production’s processes and to guarantee the customers’ satisfaction. Our company is made by technicians and professionals which work in the time, modes and methods defined by the management system in compliance with the laws, with the field’s technical norms, with the constant search of the best performances to guarantee a high quality product. Research and innovation: we continuously invest to increase and to improve our know-how, one of our hardest values. We are sure that the innovation is our principal source of increase, and for this reason our R&D department continues to develop new technologies and ideas to increase the customer’s satisfactions with innovative and avant-garde projects."

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