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B'TWIN previously known as Decathlon Cycle was founded in 1976, to make sporting more accessible. B'TWIN manufactures affordable, high-quality products, catering to cyclists of all ages and levels of competition. 

B’TWIN manufactures bicycle parts and accessories marketed by French sporting goods outfit Decathlon which is the largest exporter of sporting goods in the world with a presence in over 1000 cities in 57 countries. 

In 2006 Decathlon Cycle officially became known as B’TWIN, setting up a large complex as its headquarters in Lille. The B'TWIN village as it is fondly called, boasts of a fully equipped workshop, a full range of their product line as well as a variety of terrains suitable for both indoor and outdoor performance test rides.

Since the first Decathlon Cycles bikes went on sale in 1986, the french bicycle manufacturers have continued to design and develop affordable bikes to expand their product range.

In 1999 the popular B’TWIN 5 was introduced, a unisex bike with a uniquely designed frame to enable an easy and comfortable ride for both genders.


B'TWIN bikes are produced by several manufacturers in Asia and Europe. They also sell bike accessories and parts at low-cost prices. 

One feature that sets B'TWIN apart from the competition is the broad range of products the brand showcases. They manufacture Road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid and touring bikes, folding bikes, BMXs, and children’s bikes along with clothing designed to suit each of these specific cycling segments. Also, B'TWIN has a wide range of accessories, from inner tubes for tyres and mudguards to cycling gadgets and home trainers. 


Since its inception, B'TWIN bicycles have contributed extensively to the use of the bicycle for exercise and as a means of transport.

Whatever your favorite sport, gender, budget, or disposition might be, B'TWIN was set up with you in mind - to make sporting affordable and accessible. B'TWIN creates more than bikes, they create moments of life.

No wonder their primary objective is to - "make the pleasure of bicycle accessible to all." 


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