Scott Spark 30 - 2012 (La Bicicletteria - Acqui Terme)

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Scott Spark 30 - 2012 (La Bicicletteria - Acqui Terme)

Save €2,300.00 (66%)
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Specs Overview

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Brake Type Disc
Wheel Size 27.5"
Inflation Type Inner Tube
Bike Type Cross Country MTB
Electric no
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Scott Spark 30 anno 2012, con diversi upgrade. Ottime condizioni, come da foto. Telaio in carbonio 26", forcella ROCK SHOX Reba World Cup, ammortizzatore posteriore Scott Nude. Gruppo Shimano XTR 2x10, ruote Inferno 25 da 27,5. Guarnitura N4A doppia. OTTIME CONDIZIONI. Chiama ora per maggiori informazioni! Trovi tutti i nostri contatti qui a destra nella pagina.

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Usage Notes Normale stato di utilizzo, ma condizioni eccellenti come da foto.

Delivery options

Pick-up in store You can pick-up this item directly at the La Bicicletteria physical address in: Acqui Terme, Piemonte, Italy. Contact them now to book your pick-up, or go to them directly!
Shipping in Country This item can only be shipped to an address within Italy . Contact now La Bicicletteria, to get all the information about shipping costs.
Shipping abroad This item is shipped from Italy and can be delivered worldwide. Be sure to get in touch with La Bicicletteria and ask them to share all the details about international shipments.


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Family Spark
Name 30
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Suspension Layout Full Suspended
Brake Type - Disc
Electric no
Frame Material

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Bike Type Cross Country MTB
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Frame Scott Spark 30 Carbon (2012)
Shock Scott Nude
Front Suspension Rock Shox Reba World Cup
Wheels Inferno 25 da 27,5
Brakeset Shimano XTR
Front Derailleur Shimano XTR 2x
Rear Derailleur Shimano XTR 10x
Crankset N4A Aluminium (red)
Chain Shimano XTR 10v
Pedals Not Included
Saddle Spid
Seat Post Ritchey Carbon
Stem Ritchey Aluminium
Handlebar Flat
Grips Rubber Lock-On (red rings)

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Size Information for Scott Spark 30

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