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20 Oct 2020Gift O.

Stay safe and stylish with the ESUB Tracks smart helmet

A helmet, for what we are used to know, is a form of protective gear that is worn to achieve the fundamental - but pretty much only - function to protect the rider's head. More specifically, a helmet complements the skull in protecting the human brain from injuries and accidents. Helmets come in multiple shapes, and sizes depending on bike speciality and riding style. Over the years, the use of protective gear continued to sour and this has resulted in the addition of different styles and features to these equipment.

But... what if this standard idea of a helmet had been reinvented so radically that it created the concept of a new type of product?  

At WertelOberfell, an innovative design firm based in Munich, Germany they recently came up with a cutting edge helmet, designed for cyclists: the ESUB Tracks. The product is an energy self-sufficient bicycle helmet, designed to keep you safe and to provide riders with many more integrated functionalities. 

A single glance at the ESUB Tracks is enough evidence of all the work and detailed analysis that went into the production of the helmet, taking into consideration the different obstacles cyclists face on the road. The helmet is on a class of its own as it is made up of several smart features, powered by organic photovoltaics cells that provide all the energy it needs to keep you safe.

It took a lot of science, innovation and engineering skills for the team at WertelOberfell to turn an ordinary helmet into this smart object. ESUB Tracks is made up of:

  • printed organic batteries and
  • a Nano Arduino, a microcontroller compacted in a single unit at the rear of the helmet.

The microcontroller oversees all the incorporated electric components, while the helmet’s surface provides the energy.

WertelOberfell achieved the innovative design of the ESUB Tracks by wrapping flat, bionic printed solar cells all around in order to use the outer layer of the helmet as a PV module that absorbs sunlight and converts it into energy. This form of energy self-sufficiency allows the helmet’s batteries to constantly recharge, powering all the smart features and electric components that distinguish ESUB Tracks.

ESUB Tracks is factory-fitted with several cool features, one being an integrated headset. The headset is made up of printed piezoelectric material, (materials to generate an electric charge in response to applied mechanical stress) heat-pressed onto leather straps with an embossed interior layer that slightly presses against the user’s ear, ensuring audible sound. The speakers are connected via Bluetooth with your smartphone and provide crystal clear audio without affecting the sound levels that surround the user. Embedded at the backside of the ESUB Tracks there is its sensor domain.

ESUB Tracks takes advantage of the rear proximity sensors, to protect cyclists against accidents by alerting them to what’s going on behind them. The rear proximity sensors let users know when automobiles or other cyclists get too close. Additionally, a haptic or tactile feedback is integrated in the sensors so that the helmet vibrates whenever it senses some sort of road danger or a vehicle in close proximity to the user. This features come in handy for road bikes and city bike users. 

Just below the user’s chin, a printed piezoelectric microphone is placed, with voice command recognition so that if a cyclist has to make a turn, then the microphone registers the voice commands such as turn signals, with no hand motion required. To top it off, ESUB Tracks integrates self-adjusting chin straps that fastens, until the helmet fits comfortably and safely atop the cyclist’s head, no manual adjustments is needed

Wouldn't you buy such an amazing helmet? Well, it depends on cost and availability, for sure. For now this stunning obkect seems to be just a prototype, so you'd better stay easy if you wanted to run to your local bike shop and buy it straight away. 


Soruce: Yanko Design