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Spawn Cycles is a family owned and operated company based in Squamish, BC, Canada. They are one of the larger and more well known brands that specializes strictly in kids’ bikes.

Spawn Cycles was birthed In 2011 by Max Zureski. Max while searching for a high quality, lightweight bike for his son who was 2 years old at the time and ready for his first pedal bike, discovered that nothing seemed to have changed in kids' bikes in decades. 

They were still of the poor quality, that existed in the 1980s when he was first learning to ride. With the help of his father who was a mechanic, machinist and welder, coupled with the knowledge that better kids bikes were needed and possible, Spawn Cycles was launched.

Initially operating Spawn Cycles out of the family garage, the company worked away on designs and prototypes before releasing Spawn’s first bikes in 2012. 

Today, Spawn cycles has shown a steady commitment to changing how we view kids and mountain bikes. 


Spawn’s initial models included a 12” run bike, and 14” and 16” pedal bikes. As the brand grew, so did their capabilities and interest in different aspects of mountain biking, quickly including cross country, dirt jumping and downhill.

The brand has consistently focused on improving and expanding its product offering,  this is evident in that it is one of the first to develop a specific 20" suspension fork that works for light weight riders.

Popular amongst the brand's categories is the Yama Jamas, which boasts of an alloy frame, carbon air suspension fork, tubeless ready rims/tires, 68 degree head angle, as well as top quality parts build.  

The Yama James is the most progressive bike in the 20 inch category, and is inarguably the ultimate mountain bike for most 5-7 years old. Kids can shift gears easily, climb efficiently and descend with confidence. Other top models are the Banshee 16, Furi 14 as well as Yoji 14 and 16.

Almost a decade into this journey, Spawn Cycles now has around a dozen models ranging from run bikes to full suspension bikes. The brand also launched a separate component line, Brood Bike Co., exclusively made for sourcing suitable products for design and development.

They continue to sponsor youth-focused mountain biking events and currently field a team and ambassadors consisting of several of the top young riders in mountain biking globally.



Spawn Cycles is all about building the world's best kids' bikes!

Kids deserve to have quality bikes if they choose mountain biking as a focus. Spawn provides them with equipment to explore their limits and break down the barriers of what parents think their kids are capable of. 

The goal of Spawn Cycles is to get kids stoked to ride and getting parents stoked to ride with their kids, no wonder the brand is known with the running theme; 

"if its possible, let's make it happen."


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