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Fiido X | Magnesium city eBike

16 Nov 2022Jacopo V.

Fiido X: the magnesium folding city eBike. Find you X-Factor

The new Fiido X, magnesium foldable eBike

Folding city bikes are quite common nowadays, but when it comes to electric ones you see much less of them around. If you are in search for and electric and folding e-city bike which is also very much good looking, then, the quest becomes harder. At Fiido they have gone further though: they have built a cool-looking, solid and smooth-riding electric city bikes with a magnesium frame. And that's pretty unique, from what we know. 

Another very interesting uniqueness of the Fiido X is its unique battery casing, integrated in the seatpost. This technical solution allowed the engineers to design the frame with a lot of freedom and to obtain an eBike that looks pretty much like a standard folding bike with no motor. The Fiido team also engineered a keyless safety system, that allows the rider to extract the battery by simply typing a secure code on a small keyboard which is integrated in the rear-end of the bike, just close to the rear lights. That's original, for sure, and we bet it would generate that "wow effect" when you unlock your battery in the middle of the road!

Fiido eBikes: a vision in style

Established in late 2016, Fiido is an intelligent sports technology company focusing on E-bikes and E-scooters. Their aim is to help the world go green by providing outstanding riding experiences to urban riders and commuters around the globe. The philosophy that pushes Fiido engineers is founded on providing vehicles that help you control your time along with your physical and mental wellness in everyday life. On top of that, Fiido packs his vision into a neat, modern and fashionable look, which is always a plus.

"Controlling your time means controlling your own life."

Tech specs of the Fiido X

The Fiido X is declared to provide an up-to-130km range and that's a lot for a city bike. This result is accomplished thanks to:

  • a 418Wh battery capacity;
  • a 3-configurations pedaling setup that can be chosen by the rider via a cool color dashboard placed on the handlebar;
  • a reduced 17Kg overall weight, with pedals and battery
  • high quality Shimano components.

The riding feeling and pedal response of the 250W rear motor is awesome. This is possible thanks to a solution that is not much used in city ebikes yet: the torque sensor (integrated with the bottom bracket) that provides a prompt feedback based on the actual force put on the pedals by the rider. This providing almost instant power assistance, with very short delay.

Due to local regulations, max speed is limited by software and set to 25Km/h for the European version and to 32Km/h for the US version.

Fully integrated lights and hydraulic disc brakes are another important features of the Fiido X, providing a high-level safety grade on the road.  

Where can I buy the Fiido X folding city eBike?

The Fiido X was created after a successful Indiegogo campaign that raised +1.5M€from more than 1.400 backers in 2021 and it is now available on the retail market. You can buy it directly from their e-commerce website by simply following this link:

Buy Online the Fiido X

And beware that until the end of November 2022 you will have the following special discount.

Special early bird promo (200€ discount + benefits)

From November 15th to November 30th 2022, you will have the chance to the following benefits:

  1. Not €1799.00 but €1599.00 for your Fiido X;
  2. 10% off on upselling accessories (save up to $46.05);
  3. The first 100 orders have the opportunity to get free objects as a totally zero charge PRESENT:
    • 1st to 5th order: nr. 1 FREE additiional battery (!!!)
    • 6th to 45th order: nr. 1 FREE folding aluminium pedals pair
    • 46th to 100th order: nr. 1 FREE bottle bracket.

Buy now this super stylish discounted city eBike here: Buy Online the Fiido X by typing the coupon code FX20 at checkout, and save €200.