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eBike Batteries FAQ

1. How long does an eBike battery last?
The duration of the charge of eBike batteries depends mainly on the capacity of the battery itself. The battery capacity for eBikes is measured in Watt/Hour (W/h) and on the market there are small batteries from 250 W/h up to combined eBike battery packs of over 1000 W/h. The life cycle of an eBike battery can last several years, and it can vary depending on the usage conditions imposed by the cyclist.

2. What is the range of an eBike battery?
The eBike range varies according to the type of battery chosen, the power of the eBike motor, the use mode (Eco, Normal, Boost, ...), the outside temperature and, of course, the force exerted on the pedals by the cyclist. The autonomy of an eBike battery can range from 1 hour (racing use) to about 7 hours (and more).

3. What is the power of an eBike battery?
This question is not well asked because although it is easy to confuse power with capacity, the key parameter of an electric bike battery is its capacity. The battery capacity for eBikes varies from model to model, and can range from 250 kW/h to 1500W/h. Depending on the power, the mileage varies: a 500 W battery covers from 70 to 120 kilometers, a 250 W battery can reach up to 80 kilometers. There are also dual-batteries for eBikes, such as the Bosch DualBattery that provides up to 1,250 Watts/hour.